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Fostering a Culture of Safety: Razorblade Replacement

Implementing safety guards as physical barrier to address safety hazards is a great way to ensure the correct handling of industrial razorblades. At Fortisblades we designed our packaging with safety in mind, forcing the operator to handle the blade in a safe way.

Impact of industrial razor blade choice on slit quality

We initiated a study on film slitting to confirm the impact of blade choice on slit quality. It was found that the performance of the various types of blades seemed to decline over time as the appearance of dust particles and the “postage stamp” effect increased during the hourly inspections.

Slitting Kraft Paper Packaging

Fortisblades found a solution for slitting Kraft paper with a 40 µm thickness, all while maintaining the more simple free cut like that of a razorblade. The result: we realise a 30 times longer lifespan without web breakage with the Fortius TC blades. 

Slitting in TTR film

TTR stands for 'Thermal Tranfer Ribbons' and are widely used in label printers. These ink ribbons are cut from a thermal-transfer ink mother film. Many colours and in general 3 qualities are available: wax, wax resin and resin.

Slitting in recycled plastic film

The plastic film processing industry participates in the circular economy to reduce the environmental foot print. Many new film products are produced with substantial content of recycled plastics.

Secure your high quality standards in agricultural films

Well engineered agricultural mulch films and bale wrapping stretch films have become increasingly important. Fierce competition in these films market has led to stronger films in terms of mechanical performance and lifetime. All efforts to produce excellent films can be lost due to poor slitting (high reels, breaking of the web and jagged edges).

Importance of Film Slitting

Film slitting is critically important in film production, especially with state-of-the-art tough films. When performed well, slitting can provide smooth winding and less wrinkling of film. However, poor cuts can generate a series of many negative effects.