Slitting in TTR film

Slitting in TTR film

TTR stands for 'Thermal Tranfer Ribbons' and are widely used in label printers. These ink ribbons are cut from a thermal-transfer ink mother film. 

Many colours and in general 3 qualities are available: wax, wax resin and resin. 

The combination of the thin plastic film carrier layer and the softer wax/resin layer makes the retention of the sharp cutting edge of the razorblades the most important factor for clean slitting at high speeds up to 800 m/min. Any minor loss of sharpness leads to deposit of resin on the razorblade and this build-up prevents clean slitted ribbons (no litter is allowed on the ribbon) and causes very frequently blade change. 

The special anti-wear coatings on the cutting edges of thin Fortis + blades are the ideal solution with up to 5 times longer lifetime than other razorblades. 

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