News in 'Applications'

Slitting Pearlized Film for Flexible Packaging

Pearlized or pearlescent films are often used in packaging and decorative applications. The presence of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) and pearlite pigment serves to achieve the desired visual (white, opaque and pearlescent appearance) and performance characteristics. The film is abrasive due to the presence of CaCO3, so it's crucial to choose cutting tools and parameters that can withstand such abrasion.

Resilient Post Consumer Recycled Shrink Film Slitting

When it comes to PCR shrink foil, it's important to note that slitting this material poses certain challenges that may not be encountered when working with standard shrink foil. Fortisblades has found that our Fortis+ products have the best qualities to tackle these challenges.

Impact of industrial razor blade choice on slit quality

We initiated a study on film slitting to confirm the impact of blade choice on slit quality. It was found that the performance of the various types of blades seemed to decline over time as the appearance of dust particles and the “postage stamp” effect increased during the hourly inspections.

Slitting Kraft Paper Packaging

Fortisblades found a solution for slitting Kraft paper with a 40 µm thickness, all while maintaining the more simple free cut like that of a razorblade. The result: we realise a 30 times longer lifespan without web breakage with the Fortius TC blades. 

Slitting in TTR film

TTR stands for 'Thermal Tranfer Ribbons' and are widely used in label printers. These ink ribbons are cut from a thermal-transfer ink mother film. Many colours and in general 3 qualities are available: wax, wax resin and resin.