Alternative for breaking ceramic razorblades

Alternative for breaking ceramic razorblades

Zirconia ceramic cutting blades

Zirconia ceramic cutting blades are rightly considered to be the top in cutting. Their extreme high hardness offers a high blade endurance and defines the FORTIUS ZR series (orange safety box).

However this property comes with a compromise: an increased risk of breakage due to inherent higher brittleness. In other words, the blades are fragile.


A breaking razorblade during the slitting process is to be avoided at all cost:

    • You do not want to take the risk that zirconia particles end up in your customer's end products. 
    • Small blade fragments that turn in the web make the film unusable (e.g. film for food packaging).
    • Zirconia ceramic particles are not metal detectable. The risk small zirconia cutting parts end up by the end user, is important.
    • A potential extrusion or converting line stop is a considerable cost.


The solution lies in the choice for blades with more resilience like Fortis or Fortis +. Their concept: a resilient stainless steel body combined with a ceramic coated cutting edge, which:

    • offers high cutting performance, and 
    • most importantly eliminates the danger of breakage.

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