Pelletizer Knives

What are Pelletizer Knives?

Pelletizer Blade Plastic Recycling

Pelletizer knives or granulator knives are trapezoidal small, thick, sharp knives used for pelletizing materials such as plastics and rubber. They are used to recycle plastics back to pellets. These can will be used in plastic extrusion creating recycled plastic film. In many extrusion and converting production sites Plastic Pelletizing Machines are used to recycle the residue edge trimmings plastic that is created during the extrusion or converting process.

Pelletizer knives are known under many different names: pelletizer blades, pelletizing cutter blades, granulating knives, die face cutter blades, die face blades, hot die face cutter blades, granulator cutter knives. But all serve the same purpose, recycling materials to pellets.

Why Choose Fortisblades

Fortisblades offers industrial pelletizer knives of the highest quality. If precision, quality and short lead time all matter, you are at the right place. Our innovative solutions have multiple advantages such as: resin repellency, safety improvement and corrosion protection

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Types of Pelletizer Knives

NGR Pelletizer Knives

40 61 44 080 | NGR Pelletizer Knives

Fortisblades offers spare part pelletizer blades that fit NGR pelletizer machines perfectly. Thanks to our innovative solutions these blades last longer and make the machine more efficient.

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Erema Pelletizer Knives

40 61 46 080 | Erema Pelletizer Knives

Fortisblades offers spare part pelletizer blades that fit Erema pelletizer machines perfectly. Thanks to our innovative solutions these blades last longer and make the machine more efficient.

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Advantages of Pelletizer Knives

Exceptional Blade Lifespan

Standard Pelletizerblade 720

Traditional pelletizer knives typically require replacement after 8 hours of use. Our blades boast an impressive lifespan up to 20 times longer than their conventional counterparts, offering substantial cost savings on blade replacements and a marked reduction in equipment downtime.

Reduced Resin Build-up

Coated Pelletizerblade 720

Our pelletizer blades are engineered with a resin-repelling surface that reduces resin build-up during the pelletizing process. This advanced feature allows the blades to remain sharp and effective for a significantly longer duration, and consistent pellet quality while reducing maintenance frequency.

Enhanced Safety Measures

In addition to the monetary advantages, our blades incorporate added safety features that diminishes the risk of operator injury during blade replacement, by making it less prone to unintentional cuts. With fewer blade replacements required, the potential for accidents is further reduced, minimizing overall safety risks.


  • Less resin buildup
  • Higher lifespan and less blocking risk
  • Consistent pellet quality


  • Blade safer when handling
  • Reducing blade replacements is less exposure to risk

Frequently Asked Questions about Pelletizer Knives

What are pelletizer knives used for?

Pelletizer blades or granulator knives are used for pelletizing. Pelletizing is when you cut plastic or other materials into small, uniform pieces known as pellets.

How long do pelletizer knives last?

During pelletizing plastic is warmed up to a fluid form and then cut and cooled in pellets. Because at the moment of cutting, the pellet is between fluid and solid form, some of the fluid plastic can stick to the blade. Often the blade remains sharp, but the resin buildup makes the quality of the pelletizing worse. Our pelletizer blades reduce the resin buildup, resulting in a longer lasting pelletizer blade and consistent pellet quality.

How often should pelletizer knives be replaced?

In some cases we found a standard pelletizer blade should be replaced every 8 hours, while our blades last up to 20 times longer when pelletizing the same material. Depending on the material and speed of the machine the blades could last longer. In case your pelletizer knives have a short lifetime (<16 hours) our pelletizer knives might be a solution.
Every time you have to replace a blade there is a heightened risk of injury and downtime of machine. For these recycling spare parts it is a good practice to test how long a pelletizer blade lasts and then proactively replacing the blade between production runs.