Single Edge Razor Blades

Single Edge Razor Blade

What are Single Edge Razor Blades?

Single Edge Razor Blades are engineered to prioritize operator safety, featuring a design that delivers precise, clean cuts with the cutting edge on only one side of the blade. This approach significantly reduces the risk of operator injury, ensuring a safer working environment. Ideal for industries where accuracy and safety are paramount.

Advantages of Single Edge Blades

The design of single edge blades facilitates safer handling and easier maintenance, as the non-cutting edge reduces the risk of accidental blade-related injuries.

Designed for durability and high performance, our single edge razor blades are optimized for slitting across various films and foils. Subjected to a hardening process and precisely grinded to achieve optimal sharpness and durability, our blades are available in different quality grades.

A specialized coating is applied to the edge of the slotted blade to enhance its cutting properties. This coating is designed to fortify the razor blade against the effects of abrasion, thereby extending its functional lifespan.

  • Durable high performance
  • Tailored quality grades
  • Significantly reduces the risk of operator injury

Single Edge Razor Blades Safety Packaging

At Fortisblades we designed our packaging with safety in mind, forcing the operator to handle the blade in a safe way. Depending on the type of the blades, they are shipped in our safety packaging per 250/200/100/20 pieces.

Single Edge Blades for Industrial Slitting

Single Edge Slotted Razor Blades

Single Edge Injector Razor Blades

Why Choose Single Edge Blades from Fortisblades

Capitalize on our 30 years of experience in industrial razor blades to significantly improve both your production efficiency and safety standards. Our blades are engineered for a broad range of slitting and rewinding tasks in various industries such as film extrusion, conversion, lamination and plastic recycling. Our products are designed to handle a variety of materials, from packaging and labels to tapes and niche materials like thermal transfer ribbons (TTR). Try Fortisblades' razor-sharp solutions to maximize production output, uptime and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions about Single Edge Razor Blades

What's the difference between single edge razor blades and double edge razor blades?

The difference is in the number of edges of the blade that have are sharp. Single edge blades only have 1 sharp edge and double edge blades have 2.

Are single edge blades better than double edge blades?

Since single edge blades only have 1 sharp edge they pose less of a risk for the operator that has to handle the blade. If you are looking for a safety solution, single edge blades have a clear advantage.

Where to buy single edge razor blades?

Fortisblades offers a range of single edge razor blades, request a sample to test in your production.