Fostering a Culture of Safety: Razorblade Replacement

Fostering a Culture of Safety: Razorblade Replacement

Safe work practices are the backbone of workplace safety. By fostering a culture of safety awareness and implementing effective practices, organizations can significantly reduce injuries and accidents.

At Fortisblades we designed our packaging with safety in mind, forcing the operator to handle the blade in a safe way.

Risks During Razorblade Replacement

The sharpness of industrial razorblades increases the likelihood of a cutting injury during the replacement process. Mishandling the blade or not following the proper procedure can result in severe cuts. This is especially true when changing out a razorblade that has become dull. If you do not follow proper procedure, you may accidentally cut yourself with a new razorblade.

Addressing Safety Hazards

Safety Guards

Implementing guards on the safety box as physical barrier to address safety hazards is a great way to ensure the correct handling of industrial razorblades. Our packaging design is rooted in safety principles, forcing users to handle the blade with an industry-accepted safe method. Our packaging also ensures that the sharp edge of the blade is protected from damage.

Safety Guards For Razorblades

Although we recommend the usage of safety gloves when handling industrial razor blades, gloves make it harder to pick out only 1 blade. Thanks to the safety guards, the operator can only pick up the blade at the safe edge of the blade.

Blade Lifetime 

Our blades are specially treated to increase its durability and longevity. Prolonged blade lifetime reduces the need for replacement and exposure to risks during that process.

Wrong Razorblade Packaging2

Industrial Razorblade Safety Box

Our Razorblades and safety box incorporate three distinct safety features:

  • Safety guard to ensure correct blade handling
  • Prolonged razorblade lifetime
  • Reduced risk exposure

Together, we can create a workplace where razorblade replacement is performed with the highest levels of safety and professionalism.

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