Slitting Kraft Paper Packaging

Slitting Kraft Paper Packaging

What is Kraft paper?

Polymer plastic film is not the only type of flexible packaging. Kraft paper is a popular sustainable “green” alternative due to its durable and useful nature.

Kraft paper gets its high strength (Kraft in German means ‘strength’) because of a different production process than regular paper: it is produced from pulp from all types of wood and no extensive bleaching is used, which preserves the strength.

Our findings

Paper is typically slit with shear cutting but Fortisblades was asked by customer Cirepa to offer a solution for slitting Kraft paper with a thickness of 40 µm, all while maintaining the more simple free cut like that of a razorblade.

Slitting with TiN coated stainless steel razor blades showed a very aggressive wear rate, and as a result a very limited lifespan.

Fortisblades realises a 30 times longer lifespan without web breakage with the Fortius TC blades.


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