Slitting Pearlized Film for Flexible Packaging

Slitting Pearlized Film for Flexible Packaging

Pearlized or pearlescent films are often used in packaging and decorative applications. The presence of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) and pearlite pigment serves to achieve the desired visual (white, opaque and pearlescent appearance) and performance characteristics.

Very popular is pearlized BOPP with the mechanical foaming method lowering the density of the film structure.

The film is abrasive due to the presence of CaCO3, so it's crucial to choose slitting tools and parameters that can withstand such abrasion.

Slitting Issues Caused by Calcium Additives

Abrasive Wear Industrial Razorblade Detail

Higher loading levels of CaCO3 can increase the abrasiveness of the material, potentially leading to more significant wear on cutting tools. The hard calcium that is added to the extruded film causes abrasive wear to the razorblade and results in multiple slitting issues.

Razor Blade Lifetime

Accelerated wear and tear on slitting blades results in the frequent razor blade replacement. This directly impacts production efficiency and running costs.

Dust Particle Formation

Poor slitting can cause dust particles that stick to the plastic film. Since the film is often used in printing, these dust particles can prevent the film from being able to be used in printing.

Slit Quality of The Product

A dull razorblade can cause the edges of the film to become jagged or rough. This degradation in cut quality can affect the performance, sealing and aesthetics of the end product. On top of that, poor slit quality can lead to winding issues with raised reel edges.

Improving Razor Blade Slitting Conditions

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The slitting conditions, including speed and pressure, can influence the abrasive wear on slitting tools. Higher slitting speeds may accelerate wear. The choice of slitting tool material, coating, and design should be optimized for the specific characteristics of the material being slit.

Specialized Razor Blade Solutions

Engineered for optimal performance across various mineral additives and polymer types, film thicknesses, and operational speeds, we provide these blade categories to precisely align with your specific requirements.

  • Improved razorblade lifetime
  • Reduced dust particle formation
  • Overall better slit quality

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