Bandera & Fortisblades: a Partnership for Excellent Film Extrusion

Bandera & Fortisblades: a Partnership for Excellent Film Extrusion

Who is Bandera Extrusion Intelligence?

Bandera is a global leader in designing and manufacturing complete extrusion lines of plastic materials for packaging & converting (blown film, rigid film and sheets) and recycling. Bandera is located in Italy and has a mission to establish itself as the most important centre for extrusion in Europe and be a worldwide leader.

NPE Plastics Show 2024

Fortisblades NPE 2024

NPE2024, from 6 to 10 May 2024 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida (USA), Bandera – Extrusion Intelligence® was participating among other industry’s leading players. Fortisblades is a proud partner and was available at the Bandera booth to meet customers and give advice in slitting.

Industrial Razor Blades for Bandera Extrusion Line

Bandera Slitting Blades

The razorblade serves as a crucial tool for trimming and winding. It is the final point of contact in the production process, critically defining the winding quality of the roll. Make sure every element in your extrusion line is of the highest quality.

Generally there are 2 positions on a blown film extrusion line where razor blades are used.

Tube Opener Slitting Blades

An often overlooked part of an extrusion line is the razor blade that is used to cut open the extruded tube, resulting in 2 separate plastic film rolls. When a blade at this point does not perform, it can lead to low quality production , unplanned downtime and even scrap.

Trimming Slitting Blades

Industrial razor blades are used to slit the extruded film on exact width before winding. At the end of the extrusion process the plastic roll needs to be slit to the exact measurements of the customer. In roll winding the end product for your customer, the quality depends on the clean cut of the edges.

Bandera Replacement Slitting Blades

In a Bandera extrusion line, selecting the right blade improves your operations. Engineered for optimal performance across various polymer types, film thicknesses, and operational speeds, we provide three distinct blade categories to precisely align with your specific requirements:

  • Fortis: Ceramic coated razor blades
  • Fortis+: Advanded ceramic coated razor blades
  • Fortius: Solid ceramic razor blades
Industrial Razorblades Types

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