Slotted Razor Blades

Industrial Fortis Blades

What are Slotted Razor Blades?

Slotted Razor Blades offer an optimal slitting solution for industrial applications, delivering consistently clean slits for a variety of materials. These blades feature a robust design compatible with slotted machinery, ensuring clean cuts and extended blade life. Invest in these blades to secure a long-term solution that minimizes blade replacement frequency and maximizes cut quality. Our slotted blades are engineered for specific slitting requirements, involving various plastics, from white and hard laminated to thin stretched polymers.

Advantages of Slotted Razor Blades

Designed for durability and high performance, our slotted blades are optimized for slitting across various films and foils. Subjected to a hardening process and precisely grinded to achieve optimal sharpness and durability, our blades are available in different quality grades. A specialized coating is applied to the edge of the slotted blade to enhance its cutting properties. This coating is designed to fortify the razor blade against the effects of abrasion, thereby extending its functional lifespan.

In essence, our slotted blades provide industry-specific solutions aimed at boosting slitting productivity and accuracy. These blades stand as a testament to our commitment to addressing and surpassing the operational challenges faced by our clients, reinforcing our position as industry leaders in providing innovative, high-quality cutting solutions.

  • Durable high performance
  • Tailored quality grades
  • Slotted US standard mounting

Slotted Razor Blades Safety Packaging

At Fortisblades we designed our packaging with safety in mind, forcing the operator to handle the blade in a safe way. Depending on the type of the blades, they are shipped in our safety packaging per 250/200/100/20 pieces.

Slotted Razor Blades for Industrial Slitting

Fortis: Ceramic Coated Slotted Razor Blades

FORTIS slotted blades are stainless steel blades with a special treatment for industrial use. The cutting edges are additionally protected with an extremely hard coating, increasing the wear resistance and decreasing the friction with the film.

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Fortis +: Advanced Ceramic Coated Slotted Razor Blades

FORTIS+ slotted blades are the 'heavy duty' versions of the FORTIS blades. The cutting edges have the highest possible surface hardness and excel in slitting very tough web materials.

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Fortius: Solid Ceramic Slotted Razor Blades

For slitting very abrasive and though web material, the FORTIUS solid micrograin slotted blade might be the right choice for optimal results.

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Why Choose Slotted Razor Blades from Fortisblades

Capitalize on our 30 years of experience in industrial razor blades to significantly improve both your production efficiency and safety standards. Our blades are engineered for a broad range of slitting and rewinding tasks in various industries such as film extrusion, conversion, lamination, and plastic recycling. Our products are designed to handle a variety of materials, from packaging and labels to tapes and niche materials like thermal transfer ribbons (TTR). Try Fortisblades' razor-sharp solutions to maximize production output, uptime and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions about Slotted Razor Blades

Why do slotted razor blades have holes in them?

The slotted hole in a razor blade is used to mount the blade on a blade holder. The slotted hole offers the possibility to adapt the position of the blade, this way the operator can adapt how deep the blade penetrates the material it is slitting. Slotted blade holders are often found in the US and American machinery.