Injector Razor Blades

Fortis+ Industrial Single Edge Coated Injector Razorblade (82015025)

What are Injector Blades?

Injector Razor Blades are the smallest industrial razor blades, meticulously crafted to fit injector-style holders. By selecting our Injector Razor Blades, professionals can expect a significant enhancement in operational efficiency.

Advantages of Injector Blades

Designed for durability and high performance, these blades are optimized for slitting across various films and foils, meeting diverse industrial requirements. Available in different quality grades. Our injector blades provide tailored solutions to enhance slitting efficiency, catering to specific industrial needs. The compact design of injector razor blades are explicitly engineered for seamless integration into compact machine components. Ensuring operational flexibility without compromising on space.

  • Durable high performance
  • Tailored quality grades
  • Compact design

Injector Blades for Industrial Slitting

Fortis: Ceramic Coated Injector Blades

FORTIS injector blades are stainless steel blades with a special treatment for industrial use. The cutting edges are additionally protected with an extremely hard coating, increasing the wear resistance and decreasing the friction with the film.

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Fortis +: Advanced Ceramic Coated Injector Blades

FORTIS+ injector blades are the 'heavy duty' versions of the FORTIS blades. The cutting edges have the highest possible surface hardness and excel in slitting very tough web materials.

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Fortius: Solid Ceramic Injector Blades

For slitting very abrasive and tough web material, the FORTIUS solid micrograin injector blade might be the right choice for optimal results.

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Why Choose Injector Blades from Fortisblades

Fortisblades has 30+ years of experience in industrial razor blades, we supply both ceramic coated and solid ceramic industrial razor blades for all kinds of slitting and rewinding. It doesn't matter if it's packaging, labels, tapes or even specific materials such as thermal transfer ribbon (TTR), our industrial razor blades are perfect for industries like film extrusion, conversion, lamination or plastic recycling.

Frequently Asked Questions about Industrial Injector Blades

How long do injector razor blades last?

How long an injector razor blade lasts depends a lot on the material it is slitting. During the slitting a razor blade endures abrasive and adhesive wear. Depending on the plastic polymer types, film thicknesses, and operational speeds this wear can significantly reduce the razor blade lifespan. It is important to use the right injector razor blade for the right application to enhance the blade lifespan.

How often do you need to replace an injector blade?

Replacing injector razor blades can have a big impact on the productivity, because in order to replace an injector razor blade the entire machine has to be shut down. It is important to proactively replace razor blades and choose high-quality blades to minimize unplanned downtime. That's why it is a good practice to test how long an injector razor blade lasts when producing a specific plastic film and then proactively replacing the blade between production runs.