Rounded 3-Hole Razor Blades

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What are Rounded 3-Hole Razor Blade

Designed for safety and precision, the rounded 3-Hole razor blades feature a protective rounded edge coupled with secure mounting capability. The specialized edge reduces the risk for the operator, while the three-hole design ensures stability during use enhancing the operational reliability during intensive slitting.

Advantages of Rounded 3-Hole Razor Blades

Durable and high-performing, our 3-hole blades are optimized for slitting across various films and foils. Through hardening and precise grinding we achieve optimal sharpness and durability, our blades are available in different quality grades. A specialized coating has been applied to the edge of the rounded three-hole blade to enhance its cutting properties. This coating fortifies the razor blade against the effects of abrasion, thereby extending its functional lifespan. Our rounded three-hole blades provide tailored solutions to enhance slitting efficiency, catering to specific industrial needs.

  • Durable high performance
  • Tailored quality grades
  • Protective rounded edge provides extra safety
  • 3-hole European standard mounting

Safety Packaging for Rounded 3-Hole Razor Blades

At Fortisblades we designed our packaging with safety in mind, forcing the operator to handle the blade in a safe way. Depending on the type of the blades, they are shipped in our safety packaging per 250/200/100/20 pieces.

Rounded 3-Hole Razor Blades for Industrial Slitting

Fortis: Ceramic Coated Rounded 3-Hole Razor Blades

FORTIS rounded 3-hole razor blades are stainless steel blades with a special treatment for industrial use. The cutting edges are additionally protected with an extremely hard coating, increasing the wear resistance and decreasing the friction with the film.

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Fortis +: Advanced Ceramic Coated Razor Blades

FORTIS+ rounded 3-hole razor blades are the 'heavy duty' versions of the FORTIS blades. The cutting edges have the highest possible surface hardness and excel in slitting very tough web materials.

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Why Choose Rounded 3-Hole Blades from Fortisblades

Leverage Fortisblades' three decades of specialized expertise in industrial razor blades to enhance both the efficiency and safety of your production. Tailored for diverse applications in slitting and rewinding across multiple sectors including film extrusion, conversion, lamination, and plastic recycling. Whether your operations involve the processing of packaging, labels, tapes, or specialized materials such as thermal transfer ribbons (TTR). Try our razor blades to optimize the output, uptime and safety of your production.

Frequently Asked Questions about Rounded 3-Hole Razor Blades

Why do razor blades have holes in them?

The holes in a rounded 3-hole razor blade are used to mount the blade on a blade holder. The 3-hole design offers operational reliability during intensive slitting. 3-hole blade holders are often found in Europe and European machinery.