NGR Pelletizer Blades

Pelletizer Blade Plastic Recycling

What are NGR Pelletizer Blades?

Our NGR Pelletizer Blades are compatible with NGR Plastic Pelletizing Machines. NGR is working for a better future by dedicating themselves to recycling plastic waste. They do this by offering a wide array of shredder, feeder and extruder machines. These are used to convert used plastics back to pellets that can be used in plastic extrusion.

Advantages of Pelletizer Blades for NGR Machines

Fortisblades offers spare part pelletizer blades that fit NGR pelletizer machines perfectly. Thanks to our innovative solutions these blades last longer and make the machine more efficient.

NGR Pelletizer Blades Safety Packaging

The pelletizer blades packaging is designed with safety in mind, forcing the operator to handle the blade in a safe way. The pelletizer blades are shipped in our safety packaging per 20 pieces.

Pelletizer Blades for NGR machines