The new FORTISBLADES Toolbox and booklet

The new FORTISBLADES Toolbox and booklet

Customers all over the world rely on FORTISBLADES to slit their web material. The FORTIBLADES toolbox is the robust packaging especially designed for the shipment of the razorblades safety boxes. 

The practical use of the box is multiple. Effective protection for shipment,safe storage and clear comprehensive information about the type and amount of razorblades it contains.

The toolbox is also used as a first tool equipment package for commissioning new machines.

The toolbox contains also a small booklet to inform the production staff about:

  • the different performance levels 
  • the different industrial standard geometries 
  • the permanent availability of the different blades from our stock

It is created in easy-to-read style to be language independent, so every stakeholder can use it.

Click here to download the booklet.